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Do you provide a written agreement/contract?

It’s very important to get a written contract with all terms clearly defined to avoid future problems. The DJ should meet with you prior to discuss all aspects of the event.

Are you insured?

There are some catering halls that require a certificate of insurance. 3D Disc Jockeys is fully insured.

Do you have backup Disc Jockeys and equipment?

Professional audio equipment can fail on occasion, so don’t let this put an end to your event. 3D Disc Jockeys has backup Disc Jockeys and equipment.

Does the Disc Jockeys dress appropriately for your event?

3D Disc Jockeys wear formal tuxedos unless directed differently by the Hostess/Host.

Does the Disc Jockey play the music at an appropriate level?

The biggest concern voiced by our prospective clients is the volume level of the music. 3D Disc Jockeys would rather have our Hostess/Host ask to turn the music level up rather than down.

What time will the Disc Jockey arrive?

The Disc Jockey should arrive at least one hour prior to the arrival of the guests.

How far in advance should you reserve a date?

Usually most Friday and Saturdays book quickly so we suggest booking your date as soon as you reserve the catering or reception hall

Should we tip the Disc Jockey?

Any gratuity or tip is certainty appreciated.

What if we have additional questions?

3D Disc Jockeys has a knowledgeable staff to help you throughout and during your planning process. We want to assure you we are available before and during your event.